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Instagram aims to offer a more engaging and rewarding experience for creators, thus encouraging the growth and quality of the content produced.

Instagram, always looking for innovative strategies to support and recognize its content creators, has now launched a feature called “Achievements”. This new view, integrated into the application’s “Creator Mode”, presents personalized badges who celebrate various engagement milestones. From reaching 100 post aggregate likes to reaching 1,000 video plays. The platform aims to offer a more engaging and rewarding experience for creators, thus encouraging the growth and quality of the content produced. This initiative reflects Instagram’s ongoing commitment to strengthening its creative community and providing tangible recognition for the efforts and achievements of content creators on its platform.

How will “Achievements” work?

As you can see in the screenshots, shared by specialistClick and discover the history of the great names in Marketing… in influencer marketing Lia Haberman the new “Achievements” view is available in the “Your Tools” section of the “Professional Dashboard” for those who have switched to a creator account. Instagram it says that creators can receive different levels of badges based on:

  • Likes in Publications;
  • Reel Views;
  • Accounts reached with Stories;
  • Follower Count;
  • Total number of Publications;
  • Total number of Reels;
  • Total number of Stories.

Additionally, there are also special achievement badges for:

  • Collaborate with other creators using Instagram Collabs or remix a reel.
  • Using interactive stickers on your Reels, like the “Add Yours” sticker, polls, quizzes, or questions.
  • Using trending audio or effects on your Reel.
  • Post more than one video per week.

So basically Instagram is trying attract more creators to continue posting more frequently giving them a made-up badge of achievement — a gamification which will give them a little hit of dopamine for reaching those milestones with your content.

The option has been tested for a while

Instagram has been developing this option for over a year, with an initial version detected in tests last October. It appears that now, with the holiday season quickly approaching, it has been decided to bring the new prizes to more accounts in order to get more content flowing through the app during the holiday season. It will be interesting to see if creators care and how this type of gamification drives activity or not. Instagram says the feature not yet available in all regions, but will likely see wider implementation over time.

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